USMCA Service Mexico-USA-Canada (Demo)

  • Domestic Land Services
  • Sea Ports
  • Rail
  • Pallet Express Service
  • Dedicated services
  • Auto Industry
  • Distribution and Storage at destination
  • Export-Import Connection

The Free Trade Agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada, opens significant opportunities in the transfer of goods.

For this operation to be seamless and successful, a true partner like Transport Accion S.A. who is acquainted with all the protocols at the border, is needed.

We use 53’ American dry box from origin up to destination the tractor is changed at the border. The dry box never is opened and the cargo never is transloaded. Ideal for non-palletized shipments, loose boxes for example.

Land transport is available between both countries with border transshipment, a bit slower, ideal if the cargo goes on pallets and is not perishable, for clearance at Mexico City Airport.

servicios terrestres USMCA

Transport Accion S.A. has in Mexico an extensive network of professionals in key areas to ensure every step of the shipping process.